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November 16, 2018

For Immediate Release
Tennant & Russell Matches VonDolteren Enterprises to Perfect Game Baseball

(Jacksonville, FL) - Earlier today, Perfect Game Baseball announced the acquisition of well-known and highly respected VonDolteren Sports Enterprises led by Tony VonDolteren.

“We are very excited to bring Tony and his team on full-time with Perfect Game,” PG Founder and President Jerry Ford said as part of the official announcement. “We have gotten to know their events and staff over the years, and their tireless work ethic and passion for baseball is exactly what we expect from our staff.

VonDolteren, a former player at Florida Atlantic University, first got involved with travel baseball in 2006 and has been running events in Georgia and the St. Augustine, Fla.-area for the last 13 years. VonDolteren is very much aware of and appreciative of PG and the efforts it has put forth that further serve the amateur baseball community’s youngest members.

“We are very excited about the new opportunity to be a part of the Perfect Game family,” he said. “It’s a perfect match for us because we’re all baseball guys – the baseball family is a tight-knit community and they share the same visions that we do. There isn’t another organization that comes close to what (PG) has been able to accomplish.”

“This was a critical deal for us given the landscape of our industry and we wouldn’t have been able to get this done without the help of Tennant & Russell”, said VonDolteren. He went on to say, “…the deal preparation and process are very intense, we left all of that to Jim and his team so we could focus on continuing to run our business.”  When asked about why the deal makes sense, Tony stated the advantages of the partnership are many and he is most excited about being able to use the Diamondkast scoring system at the PG core tournament events he and his team will oversee. In the end, it is hoped that youth will, indeed, be served.

“Perfect Game is on the cutting edge of all this technology and we’re just ecstatic to be a part of this group,” VonDolteren said.

About Tennant & Russell:
Tennant & Russell, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in strategic moves for small to mid range companies. A large portion of their clients are in the software industry. They work with organizations to determine and leverage their greatest strengths to take advantage of strategic opportunities in the marketplace. Client coverage stretches outside the US to Europe, Australia, and South America.
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